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Click Here To View Stipe Website

Credit Cards Payments Goes Direct Into Your Account, Viewed By App.

Customer Support

Client get priority support. 8am – 10.30pm – 7 Days Phone Support. Talk to a real person in Maltese, Italian English or German Language.

Wifi or Lan Thermal Printer

No need to have another iPad or checking your emails. As soon as an order has been submitted the printer will ring and new orders will print immediately (Large Printer Size 13cmx14cmx12cm – Paper Roll 80mm) (Small Printer Size 10cmx13cmx10cm – Large Paper Roll 58mm)

High-Speed Website

Please feel free to check our demo speed dedicated cloud hosting.

Powerful Dashboard

Manage your sales, track your performance, understand your customers and take control of your online ordering success with a powerful dashboard.

Menu Prices Update

It does not get more easy and fast. You can do it from the site same system as Excel spreadsheet. As well, we will give you an App for your phone for Android and iOS which you can use to update your prices live.

Merchant Payment Gateway

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